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We take care of the spare parts procurement for your power plant IT

Urgently need spare parts?

What do you do when a turbine PC, interface PC, SCADA PC or network switch is on the blink and you need new hardware? Who do you talk to, and what do you do if your OEM service contract is expired? How long does it take to even get a proposal and a quote? What are the costs and delivery times for spare parts? And how do you ensure that the delivered spare part even works with the setup and configuration of your wind farm? Is it delivered as a bare-bones unit, or does it come with the appropriate software loaded and pre-configured? We offer transparent spare-parts solutions for our existing and new customers.

The solution

n7® Spare Part Services

We offer spare parts services within the framework of our service contracts, or on an ad-hoc basis. If you’re already using one of our products in your wind farm, we know your system and can help you immediately. Our spare parts service makes you largely independent of your OEM. We select your spare parts according to your specific needs and configure them accordingly. Draw on all the benefits that come with our extensive experience with PC-based systems and networks in wind power plants and SCADA systems, and benefit from our deep knowledge of OEM operating software such as Nordex Control 2 (NC2).



we choose the appropriate spare parts for you



Preconfigured spare parts in stock, ready to ship



All spare parts are pre-configured, pre-tested, ready to work



simplified commercial conditions ensured by service agreements

In detail
Immediate parts swap

Immediate parts swap with a Service Agreement

If you have opted for a Life-Cycle Service Agreement within the framework of n7® SCADA Care, spare parts service is part and parcel of your contract. Simply call the Support-Hotline and we’ll immediately send you a pre-configured and tested replacement part.

Ad-hoc spare parts supply

Ad-hoc spare parts supply

Do you urgently need a replacement PC but do not have a Service Agreement with us? Just get in touch so we can quickly clarify your technical needs and wind farm configuration, and follow up with a reasonable quote with short delivery times for your Turbine PC, Interface PC or SCADA PC.

Features of the n7® Spare Part Services

Choose the service level you need


Without agreement

With Service Agreement
n7® SCADA Care
Level 1 or 2

With Service Agreement
n7® SCADA Care
Level 3

Specification of spare part
Configuration and functional test
Support with installation
Project-specific spare parts list for faster delivery  
Pre-configured spare parts kept in stock for you    
Services associated with spare parts-supply included    

Do you have any specific needs for your renewables? Simply give us a call or shoot us an email.