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Service packages for your SCADA system

As an owner of a renewable-energy power plant, you have full control over the future security and performance of your SCADA system. Boost the resilience of your SCADA system and protect your investment. Allow us to inspect your SCADA system, identify and find potential holes in your IT security. Then, based on our inspection report and your budget, we’ll upgrade your system to the state of the art and plug any security-relevant gaps. Within the framework of the n7® SCADA Care program, we offer you a range of proactive and preventative solutions packed into three Service-Level-Agreements (SLA). Choose n7® SCADA Care to keep your wind farm healthy and to protect your SCADA system over its entire lifecycle.

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n7® SCADA Care

Our flexible service packages for identifying and solving SCADA related problems and preventing downtime. Let us take care of the availability, security and general health of your SCADA system.


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SCADA system inspection

We perform a thorough inspection of your SCADA system. Knowledge of the as-is condition of your infrastructure helps you take preventative action to avoid data loss and steer clear of costly downtime.



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Spare parts service

Gain flexibility and independence. We’ll support you with your choice of components, all the way through procurement, configuration, installation and commissioning.


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