Virtualization of your power plant’s SCADA system

Want to boost the resilience of your ageing infrastructure?

Are you looking for a flexible solution with which to enhance the availability of your turbine PCs? A product that idles in the background and takes over the functionality of your turbine PCs the moment they become unavailable? Something that gives you a little breathing space while you’re waiting for a replacement part or a repair? We’ve got just the solution you’re looking for. Or do you want to go one step further and virtualize your entire SCADA system including turbine PCs, interface PCs and SCADA PCs? Also for this scenario we have the right solution for you.

The solution

n7® Temporary Replacement Kit

The n7® Temporary Replacement Kit is an industrial, robust and scalable standby solution that becomes activated when one or more turbine PCs fail simultaneously. It prevents the loss of functionality caused by PC failures, avoids data loss, and protects your power plant against production losses. 

virtualization infographic
In detail

High availability

We deliver the n7® Temporary Replacement Kit network-ready with pre-installed virtual machines. In case a turbine PC breaks down and needs replacement, a virtual machine on the n7® Temporary Replacement Kit takes over the defective PC’s functionality and ensures that all the turbine data managed by the defective PC remains available in the SCADA system.

Flexible options

The n7® Temporary Replacement Kit can be ordered as a rackable PC for mounting in the SCADA server cabinet. By sharing the already-available UPS, keyboard, screen and mouse, you save on additional costs and make optimum use of your existing equipment. For even more flexibility we also offer the n7® Temporary Replacement Kit in a mobile version. This PC is mounted in a robust aluminium case on wheels. When a PC in one of your power plants suddenly fails, the mobile n7® Temporary Replacement Kit can easily be transported from one power plant to the next, thus ensuring maximum availability of your fleet. 

Comprehensive virtualization

If your hardware has already provided many years of loyal service, our experience has taught us that it often makes sense to start thinking of a new operating concept. A complete and permanent virtualization of all PC-based systems in your power plant, including centralized SCADA PCs, has many advantages. Among others, you get to optimize the cost-efficiency of SCADA software components and gain access to state-of-the-art IT-security that may not compatible with older hardware and operating systems.

Customized solutions

We have a thoroughly-tested concept available for the majority of applications with up to four virtual machines. We’ll also gladly develop customized solutions for your specific power plant’s SCADA system, be it a wind power plant, solar power plant or another type of distributed, renewable-energy power plant.

Do you have any specific needs for your renewables? Simply give us a call or shoot us an email.