Remote access

A solution that provides flexible and secure access to your infrastructure

Want full control over access to your power plant data?

Want to implement a centralized access point to your power plant? Planning to equip your power plant or your fleet with a VPN? Having problems with your existing router, its access configuration or embedded services? Bring us on board as partner and let us support you with our know-how and extensive experience. We can consult you in all phases of your product; from choosing the right internet connection point, all the way to implementing your communication network.


The solution

n7® Secure Access

If you want to connect your distributed-energy power plant to the internet or enable remote access only via VPN, rather err on the safe side of IT security and insist on an industrial-standard router. It’s best to stay away from functionally-handicapped routers intended for home-use or for the office environment. We have a solution for you that is designed for industrial environments and guarantees minimum security standards such as those recommended for critical infrastructure by the German Federal Office for Information Security.

remote access infographic
In detail

Customized configuration

We’ll configure your router according to your specifications and wishes. The configuration parameters are defined during a technical clarification process, where we also like to take the opportunity to consult you on all matters related to IT security. In the end, you decide how one gains access to your power plant and which users should be granted access rights. You can limit access for specific users while maintaining full control yourself. We’ll also gladly commission the router for you on-site to ensure that everything works as it was designed and specified.

Enhanced security

Elevate the security level of your internet connection. Our solution can block all users from gaining access to your infrastructure from the outside. Instead, the power plant establishes the communication channels from inside the power plant to selected, authorized users. The implementation of this solution requires the infrastructure of your power plant to comply with the appropriate technical conditions and system requirements.


Want to modify your network access or other configurations? If you opt for a Service-Level-Agreement under the n7® SCADA Care umbrella, regular system maintenance, help and support is already included. Otherwise, just contact us if you need support.

Customized solutions

Our solution offers you a centralized access point or VPN to your power plant or entire fleet, even if your company has highly-restrictive IT-security guidelines. We’ll gladly consult you on the best way to implement your remote access and comunications network in compliance with your company’s IT-security guidelines.

Do you have any specific needs for your renewables? Simply give us a call or shoot us an email.