System inspection

Knowing the status quo of your SCADA system helps you to prevent expensive downtime

How well do you know your SCADA system?

If you’re an owner of a wind farm, you also purchased a SCADA system when you bought your power plant. Do you know the current condition of your SCADA system? Do you know if the functionality and the performance of its components are the same as when you made your purchase? Is the network optimally configured, and has additional components been installed that was not part of the original scope? Who has access to the protected communications network? Are there perhaps security gaps that can be exploited by cyber criminals and industrial spies? Do you even need to know all these things? We highly recommend that you have a detailed knowledge of the status and condition of your SCADA system, since the continued and successful operation of your wind farm is highly dependent on the reliability, availability, security and performance of your SCADA system and communications network.

The solution

SCADA system inspection

The SCADA system is your core asset for monitoring, control and communication within your power plant. It is also indispensible for data exchange, O&M operations, setpoint changes from outside the power plant by the grid operator and energy traders, and setpoint propagation within the power plant for smooth operation and grid-code compliance. It is up to you to form a thorough overview of the condition of your SCADA system and your communications network. Protect your SCADA investment, your energy-production subsystems and your data by taking targeted measures to minimize risks and avoid threats. Within the scope of a System inspection we will perform a thorough check of the functionality and condition of your SCADA system. The inspection will be performed by our experienced SCADA technician who will carefully document the as-is condition of your entire SCADA system. This includes hardware and software condition and functionality, the condition of your communications network and its components, deviations from the design condition, as well as errors and risks your wind farm is exposed to.


Detailed system knowledge

about the as-is system condition and configuration



for system optimization, elimination of disturbances, state-of-technic maintaining


Risk analysis

for data availability, IT-security and error-free operation


Change history

complete documentation of hardware and software changes

In detail
Thorough investigation

Thorough investigation of the status quo

Within the framework of the System inspection, we thoroughly check your SCADA system and communications network. Security-critical vulnerabilities are identified and problems uncovered that negatively impact your system functionality and system performance. The inspection is performed by our experienced natcon7® SCADA technician. The SCADA system inspection can be performed remotely or directly in your power plant. An on-site inspection additionally allows us to visually check the condition of your SCADA systems, SCADA network and components, judge the operational- and environmental conditions and immediately eliminate abnormalities and disturbances while on site.

inspection report

The inspection report gives you a clear picture

After we have completed the inspection, you will receive a structured inspection report. This includes an inventory of the most important hardware and software components and a summary of the results of the system-condition checks. You will get a clear picture of the security and reliability of your SCADA system and communications network, the problems that have been uncovered, be notified where urgent action is required and which concrete actions we recommend to protect your asset.

operating experience

Whether retrofit or new build, we’ve done it all

Benefit from the experience and expert knowledge we have collected over the last 17 years in all aspects of communications network design, manufacturing, commissioning and technical support of industrial SCADA systems for more than 900 wind power plants on four continents. If you own a Nordex wind farm, you furthermore benefit from our deep knowledge of NC2. Of course, we also offer solutions for other turbine manufacturers such as Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, GE Wind Energy, Enercon, Goldwind and Senvion. Simply contact us to learn more.

Features of the SCADA system inspection

A detailed inspection of your SCADA system

  System inspection
Documentation of the as-is condition of your SCADA system
Checking the SCADA network
Checking the SCADA databases
Checking the IT security
Inventory of the hardware- and software components
Identification of vulnerabilities and other problems
Recommended actions and solutions

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